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Our salts

Our salts are made from premium pure ocean sea salt and kosher salt in small batches.  The majority of salts are infused with organic ingredients and dehydrated at the lowest temperature to keep the food alive.  We have practiced with many ingredients and are offering the best salts to you first.  Some of the salts we have are seasonal as our locally sourced ingredients are seasonal.  We will do our best to make sure that are seasonal salts will be available as much of the year as possible.

These salts are filled with aroma, flavor and color! We take our gourmet culinary salts and put them front and center in your kitchen while bringing in an exciting way to think about your food. We use the freshest quality organic ingredients for our infused salts, sourced from local farmers to produce the finest flavored salts. The salts are weighed and hand packed into jars to insure freshness. For our blended salts we source our ingredients from small family businesses.

Everything is made with love and care in Chico, California